Friday, June 16, 2006

Show update and a new hobby...

The last two weeks were extremely busy, that's why I didn't post anything, although there would be plenty to talk about, actually. First of all... the show reception went really well and I estimate that about 30 people showed up. I heard a lot of very positive feedback so if you haven't gone to the Los Gatos Coffee Roaster yet to look at the paintings, you still have time till the end of the month to do so.

At the reception I gave a little talk about the art shown and then focused on the home-made oil paints used for the pieces. I brought my paint making tools and pigments and described in some detail how it's done. I didn't give a live demo because - well... having loose pigments in a place where people are eating is not a good idea...

Besides all of that excitement a lot of other interesting things happend in those two weeks, for instance I took my first glass blowing class at the Bay Area Glass Institute ( which is a very very cool (well, actually it's hot) place. So I'm taking this 4 week class (4 long evenings) and this week we had our second session already. And I was able to make a few really neat things even in this second session already! The photos show a glass flower and a paper weight I made.

And in addition to all of these activities I took a class on documenting artwork at the Kala institute in Oakland and participated in the ICA's monotype marathon (and a few other things I won't even get into here) I will write more about that in my next posting when I have more time.


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