Thursday, May 17, 2007

My notes from the Lithography class

Lithography is a lot of work. I've said it many times on this blog. It's also a complicated, very process-oriented endeavour and till you have done it for years and years, you need cheat sheets and lists and any other type of help you can get your hands on. We had a cheat sheet with the absolute basics in the class, but I always felt that there should be more detail. So I started writing my own cheat sheet. But then I decided to go a step further and just type up all my really important notes from the class.

I realize this comes a bit late for this class, but at least we have it for the next time we print, right? Also, because
those notes where a lot of work, I want to make sure other people can benefit from them too.

So here they are, in .pdf format. Please be aware that these are my private notes, not a text book on lithography. I asked the prof. to have a brief look through them and he didn't find any blatant problems, but those are still my private, inofficial, no warranty notes and NOT an official litho bible.

If you find the notes helpful I'd appreciate a nice comment on the blog, or just send me email. Of course large amounts of cash, checks, stock certificates, free movie tickets, coffee or art supplies won't be refused either ;)


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