Thursday, October 05, 2006

Glass update...

This is a problem every budding glass blower faces sooner or later: even if you blow glass only every now and then, the rate of production soon exceeds the rate of how fast you can (and want to) give stuff away to friends and family. Of course you don't want to just throw the pieces away (that comes later when you have so much that you really keep only the good stuff. Right now every piece is so precious you keep it is if your life depended on it. Well, what to do with the various glass flowers I created in practice? Well, make a bouquet, of course!

And in the process of doing that I discovered why it's not such a good idea to make spiraling stems like I did! Those suckers don't want to stay upright in the sand but turn every way they please... The other thing I learnt is that I need to
learn to make more delicate blossoms, not things you can use a war clubs. They are top heavy! Well, it's all a learning process :)


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